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Twist Style Fuel Throttle

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My neighbor and riding friend just installed a twist type motorcycle style gas throttle assy on his 06 Foreman ES. ( Cabela's)

I took it for a short test ride, seemed to work. I guess if it works for him its OK,

I have no desire to change the OEM ones on my Hondas. I have been riding red with the old thumb throttles for 25 years, guess I have my thumb broke in on them.

Have anyone else here changed over and what are your thoughts on them? or
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I personally havn't swapped to one, but I know a few that have and after a couple wrecks they all swapped back. They all came from dirtbikes and was used to it. They figured real qiuckly why atv's doesn't come with them from the factory.
ya big vicks right i used 2 ride dirtbikes and i tried one and i liked it for a lil while then i didnt
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