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Tuskawilla Creek

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Has anybody thought about riding the creek that runs through Tuskawilla neighborhood? I just bought a house in there and every time I see the creek I want to go in and play! Would anybody be interested in giving this a shot?
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how would we get into there? I'm game
Not sure yet but I am going to figure it out and we will do it!!!! Can you imagine sitting on your back proch and these fourwheelers go flying by!
I will keep looking for a place to park and get in the creek! This will be done!
oh yea doing that in tuskawilla thats asking for cops
haha, thats a crazy idea, I used to live there, I will give that ride 5 mins and you will be surronded.
Sunday morning I was out getting coffee and the place was swmped with old people in Golf carts in the road. I am wondering if they would be that easy on me with the four wheeler. I am still looking for away into the creek!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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