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tusk snow blades?

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winter is coming soon, i live in iowa, and i need a blade on my 420. i was looking at the tusk city slicker plow kit from, are they any good? will they last year after year? or should i spend the extra $$$ on a cycle country plow?
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I can't give you advice on the Tusk plow,but I did own a Cycle Country 48" plow on my old Rancher and it was a good plow.Plowed for 3 winters without a problem and then I sold it.
thanks yooper. im just trying to get info, besides what i have read, on each cos im going to have to buy one here soon. im looking at the 50" tusk or the 55" country.
nobody has used a tusk or country plow??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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