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turning right

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hey, every time i turn my foreman hard right no matter wut speed it will stall out, i have had it all tore apart twice to see why... thinking its something with the throttle cable but i made sure that nothing was in the way but its still doing this has anyone had this problem??
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Sounds like you are losing power to the ignition switch, likely a wire broken inside its own covering and breaks connection when you turn hard right. Open up the pod and check for power at the switch with the key turned off, then turn the bars hard right and see if you still have power, likely bad right about where the steering shaft meets the fenders. Good luck.
o does it matter when i turn if i keep on the thorttle it wont stall but it still trys to would that still make it the same thing?
If it doesn't die when you are on throttle but just kind of cut out then back in then it is likely still the ignition wire.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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