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Turner Gear Reduction

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any of you guys checked with turner about the reduction kit for the 500 foremans yet? Just seen it on there site, didn't know it was out yet.
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it still aint out yet i called about 2 weeks ago and got put on a list for it and the u-joint conversion the reduction kit cost like 650 you have to shave something just a little he was telling me
Yeah that's why I sent you a PM Dirty4man. I talked to him before Christmas and he said he would probably start making them again after New Years. He did say something about taking a Dremel and shaving some material; wasn't necessary but he would recommend it. I just don't know what percent the reduction is.

Does this guy take a long time filling orders?
I was just surfing around and seen it. Yes I would think the list would be long.

Eric my memory is getting shorter by the day...LOL
I have never done any business with them, so i can't answer your question.
No problem Dirty4............
when i called he did not know the percent but it would be just a bit lower than it was with 25" tires on it when runnig the 29.5
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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