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anyone seen a turbo on a rubicon?
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I don't see how it would be possible. Your mixture would get really thrown off.
there is atleast one or two people on another 4wheeler forum im on. they are on highly modded kawasaki's though. so it is possible on atleast some 4wheelers.
all you need is fuel injection, the rincom would be perfect
what turbo would be small enough to put on a rincon?
i will ask on the kawasaki forum and see what they are using. it will work on a carberated 4wheeler too. kawasaki's have two carbs, and they did not put EFI on there bikes.-Aaron
kaws. and tubros nice mix.
i just got a reply back on the kawasaki forum. it has been tried but i gess they didnt get good enough results. they did not say what turbo they used but i gess it dont really matter if it didnt really do much. they are still tring to get it to work good so whenever they get it down pat ill let everyone know.
I think engine longevity would be greatly compromised as I doubt the bottom end could take the extra boost
if the rubi's trani couldent handel the 650 rincons motor theres no way it can handle a turbo.. lol

here is proof that the turbo is in the works atleast on kawasaki's. this is one some guy made for his v-force 700. i just wanted to show you guys that there are turbo's on kawasaki's but they are still in the works.

one bike in the near lane is a DS with a turbo. he is running 3.93 in 300ft. i found this on the kawasaki side and thought i would show you all.
theres a guy on highlifter wiht a turbo on his ds and from what ive herd the things a killer
here is a v force 730 with a supercharger on it.
this is one of the bikes i was talking about. also some other quys are woring on a 1000cc v twin v force with a turbo,a huge ladderbar swingarm with at least 30" tires. Billet cylinders, custom heads, air and water cooling, and suck though carbs . sorry that im so into these 4wheelers but they are off the kawasaki forum i am on and i have been watching there progress for a good while. i also just love custom bikes like this with power.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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