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tuning w/dyno

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Has anybody checked rpm,hydrocarbons e.t.c. on their bike using a 4 gas analyzer(emission machine)? I work on chevy's all day but have no clue what a "good" reading on the foreman would be.I just put a dj kit in w/a 170,supertramp mudslinger,and k&n.I have a factory service manual for the bike(see sig) but it only gives rpm @ idle specs which I'm at 1450rpm and running 7ppm on the HC.Preciate any info.I will pull the plug and see what it looks like,just want to ride it some to get a good idea on the plug,but don't want to hurt anything.
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bump anybody?
I wish somebody would reply, an interesting question !! i'm curious to read responses , if had access to the equipment i would try a few things...definately , could really tune in to ur riding style and terrain for max performance.... I've sent 2 messages to some engine builders to see about minor head combustion chamber mods for improved flow ... but no responses yet!!................. Patentienly waiting , c'mon Motor heads!!!
bumped....again-c'mon honda techs nobody has ever checked their mixture using a little more advanced ideas other than "plug inspection"?
Tator any pics of ur Bike ?? hows the pipe ?
you know...I've been a member of this site for a few yrs,checked out everybody else's bikes,always said I need to post pics,and just realized I don't have any on the comp to put up..I'll take care of that this wknd(going to windrock in TN for my bachelor party)The pipe is good,not too loud it really put a lil pep in the step.I did have a few sealing issues with the install,had to use some of that liquid muffler mender stuff so if I ever have to remove the exhaust it will be just about impossible.
Tatornutz I not aware of any one on here using an analyzer for tuning. Some have installed oxygen sensors on there bikes.
I'm getting ready to order my HMF pipe, so I'll throw it on the dyno at work to get some before and after numbers and to get the carb dialed in. Not sure what kind of PPM you should be seeing, so I can't be any help there.
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