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Tune-Up ??'s

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I'm doing the oil/oil filter/spark plug. I'll also do the differential fluids.
HOW much oil for the front and rear(oz.)? Only about 6 oz. dribbled out and it looked surprisingly clean. I've checked the air filter/element and will rinse-off. ANY other routine items I'm missing?
I have 3400 miles/629 hrs. on the clock. Your suggestions are much appreciated!!
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Do you have an owners manuel? If you do not, in the rear differential you put 3.0 US oz. & tighten the drain plug at 9lbs of torque. In the front differential, you put 8.1 US oz. & tighten to 9 lbs of torque. The motor oil, you use 2.1 US oz. & tighten the drain plug to 18 lbs of torque & the oil filter bolts at 7 lbs of torque. It is very important to get the torque right on the bolts. I hope this will help you.
Railroader-Thanks for the tips!
my rear diff takes way more then that on the rubicon and oil it takes 6.0 i wish it took 2.1 lol.
Yea. The Rubicon takes more oil because of the automatic transmission. Luckily it is a all in one package & you don't have to buy separate oils for the engine & the transmission.
Railroader- Are you sure on the motor oil, 2.1 oz.??
I don't have a manual, but that seems like it would
be way too small of an amount for the crankcase.
I noticed my 2000 has an oil cooler which would lead
me to believe it need more oil. LOST?? Any help,
Thanks in Advance!!
I think he meant 2.1 qt. You are in big trouble Railroader!!! Trying to sabatoge people Honest mistake im sure...
Thought so, but just needed to double-check!
I am so sorry about that. It is 2.1 qts. Now I feel really bad
You laugh at any & everything .
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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