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tug of war with a 660 grizz

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450s with 28 mudlites and a 660 grizz with 26mudlites and we went at it and i pulled him away !!! honda all the way !
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i had to pull a grizz out of a mudhole last weekend but then i had to be pulled out of another hole by another grizz..
My cousin has a grizzly and he tried to pull a log off of the beach by my house.He was in low range with the front diff. locked and he could only move it a few feet and then the tires would dig down. I thought I'd give it a try with my Foreman 500.I hooked up to it and when the chain tightened I nailed it wide open.That log came out of the sand and I was gone with it! He couldn't believe it! I pulled it about 100 yards down the beach and then into the woods.I have one of those bolt on three-way hitches and that log was so heavy it bent the hitch! We both had stock tires.
hondas are work horses, they will get the job done. i have a farm and i always use my dads rubicon to pull around stuff insted of my brute force, mostly because mine is brand new but you get the idea.
also you have to rember that you were trying to pull it with a yamaha, if a was a kawasaki it would have been a whole different story.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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