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Trx500fpm Cooling fan

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Hi. I’m a new member probably with an old problem :rolleyes:

I have been giving a 2011 trx500fpm some love before I start to use it and thought I would see if the cooling fan works.

I ran it idle for 10 min and the fan did not start.
I have grounded the wire that goes to the thermostat/temperature sensor and the red temp light came on but the fan did not start.
The fuses are all intact, the connections seem to be fine and the battery is fresh.

Before I start ripping into pulling the connection apart ect……can anyone give me some advise or know what is going on please.

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Drive for awhile and see if fan will come on. Depending on ambient temp can take a while.
Also take couple jumper wires to see if fan works.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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