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TRX500 Assist light switch

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I read about this in the Feb/March 2005 edition of Honda's Redrider atv magazine and was wondering if anyone has put it on there 05 Foreman's yet. It lets you turn off the handle bar mounted headlight. Was it very hard to install and how long did it take. Looks like it just plugs into stock wire harness. Let us know how everything worked out.
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head Light Switch

Went to NAPA, spent approximately $10.00 and 1 hour later it was installed.

parts needed.

DC toggle switch
Water Proof Cap for the toggle switch
2 wires approximately 12" long. 14 to 18 guage.

Tools needed.
electric tape
electric sod. gun.
Screw driver
Wire stripper
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did you do it yourself or is that how much it cost for them to put it in.
Just ordered the factory switch kit. Ill let you know how it goes in and ill take some pictures
Will it work for the 04 Foreman? I'd rather do it with the kit than having to add more wires to my pod. I hear it takes like 10 minutes to install.
Will Not work with 2011

The Honda Assist Light Swith (08E75-HPQ-100A) will not work with TRX500 2011 and probably will not down to 2008 models: there is NO 2 pins connectors for the Pod Beam in these Foreman years !!! While in my garare, after 2 hours of work and trials...I was becoming shy only tinking about me writting on this forum and ask help about a suposed plug and play device....I later checked in my service manual and found in the electric diagram that there is not connector in my 2011.....
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