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Hi... I live on a Cattle farm in Cornwall UK
I bought a Trx450es recently... 2001 with 9000+ Km on it

the gear change buttons work ok... but the gears seem to ‘crash’ into position... I’m concerned something will break??
Extremely harsh changes especially downshifting ... yes, I’m throttling back and changing with throttle closed.

the other issue is my display only shows - - - for 2,3&4 gears... it changes up and down all gears fine, shows my speed on dash, shows neutral,reverse, 1 & 5 no bother... just very harsh and no indication on dash

I’ve put in a brand new quality shift angle sensor, new battery and new regulator rectifier following reading up possible causes...
Getting parts over here is NOT easy !!

can anyone advise me on these issues PLEASE??
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