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TrueGrit 2500 Warn Winch question

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The other week I finally completely tore down my warn 2500. It was just chock full of stuff. I cleaned it all out and greased it all up put it back together and now it works again. I pulled all the rope out and cleaned it and started to winch it back in but when I put any pressure on it it slips. BUT accidentally my wife reversed it and I let the winch wind the rope up. It did not slip at all when going in reverse so I'm gonna try it that way. So basically you now press "out" instead of "in" to winch somebody out of a hole. My question is: Am I loosing any power by using it in reverse? My guess is that it does not matter.

I tore the winch all the way down and did not notice anything stripped so I'm confused as to why it slips when going one way and not the other?

Anybody that is thinking of a warn 2500 go for the 3000 or higher because the 2500 is not waterproof and if you ride in any water its eventually gonna lock up on you. The electric motor on mine was about fused to the housing magnet. I cleaned it up with steel wool and that took care of it but the warn 3000 and up are waterproof so that should not happen.
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Thats exaclty what was happening to mine. I had to dissasemble it a couple times to "free" the motor up. I even put some Dielectric grease over the magntes to help prolong its life.

If it work in "out" but not "in", my guess is its only a matter of time before all of the teeth are worn out on that end housing, and it stops spooling all together. Hook your winch cable to your truck and and wind it in. Hold the brake so there is resistance, and I bet it will slip in both directions.

You should pull 1/2 the cable out after every ride and wind it back up like that. It will warm the motor up and dry out all the water, as well as giving you a chance to clean your cable too.
Thanks. I went ahead and did that and dragged the bike across my garage and halfway down my driveway with the wheels locked up. Obviously this is not the same as pulling Dead Mullet across the black hole in SE like the other week but its encouraging I have a new end housing on order from the place you listed awhile back in another post.
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