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Truck tires

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anyone bought there truck tires off the internet?

if so, where is the best place?
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That's a good question. Jennifer needs some new tires & i was wonderin' the
same thing. They ain't really wore down too bad, it's just that they look pretty
bad from bein' rubbed up against the curb too many times. ( I wonder who did that? )
National tire and wheel <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They will take care of ya!
I got a heck of a deal on eBay a few months ago. I bought a set of 33x12.50 Pro Comp All Terrains for about $400 shipped! I beleive the seller was "sportztrailers" or something like that. Worth a look at least!
I just ordered a set off of, their prices are decent, I would have ordered somewhere else but I ordered a lift kit at the same time.
I purchased my lift from as well. I was pleased with their service.
I have purchased quite a few things from them, never had any problems.
what kind of tires u lookin for? i got a set of 4 275/60/16 Toyo Proxes S/T's (good street tires) and gettin them off the internet saved me almost $175.. but if your lookin for mud tires or all terrains, i dont have a clue.. and now i cant find the site i got the tires from! dangit!
was going with the BF Goodrich MTR's but now i believe i am set on the Toyo open country MT's. heard the pull as well as the MTR's but will get at least an extra 20,000 miles. probably 305X75X16
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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