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trottle senser

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Where is the trottle sensor
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Left side of the carb. You should bw able to see where the wire harnes plugs on to it.
What does the trottle sensor do
At the risk of sounding stupid (now that I have openned the flood gates for everyone) I assume it sends the throttle position to the ECU.
I would think that the only function of that sensor would be for the automatic tranny, it would tell it when it needs to downshift when hard on the throttle. But this is just a guess, I know that the throttle position sensor on a truck controls the trannies and when one goes out it will act like your tranny is messing up because it doesn't know when to shift.
so since I changed my angle sensor already, do ya'll think i should try the trottle sensor next
sure if they are noy too much, that could definately be your problem.
sure if they are noy too much, that could definately be your problem.
I dont think a throttle sensor would cuase any problem other then a funny idle perhaps. Also called a TPS Sensor (throttle postion sensor)
if the tranny is electronic then it will have some effect on it
It might be your tranny if it is Electronic.
The TPS controls both spark advance and plays part of the equation to the transmisson swash plate angle
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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