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trick rear brakes!

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i had a HL rear disc brake conversion,they discontinued that kit and you can't buy parts, and my master cylinder seal leaked so bad that brake fluid poured out. so i bought a 450r master cylinder, welded a plate to my frame and a notch on the bottom of my foot brake. works awesome, came up with the idea after i had no other options, and looked over at my 450r and thought i will just redesign it like a sport quad.
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Let's see some pictures!
I'd love to see some photo's of your set up.
Do you have any pics of your setup?
PIC'S please...:lol:
You have any pics of your setup? This thread is useless without pictures!
pics please
you guys foaming at the mouth over them pix !!!lol!!!!
They have been since 07, the date of the original post lol.
rc51 shame on you for bring this up out of the past
Dang it I want rear disc brakes on my 450, well any rear brakes would be better than what I have now nothing lol.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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