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I think this looks to be a high quality kit. Who on here has one and do you you close up pictures of where it goes and where you cut out the flap and fender and the hole in betwwen the racks and how hard was it to install? It also says it includes it includes vent tubes, is this true? Im thinkin about ordering it monday, since it looks better than the ole ordinary pvc pipe on homemade ones, no offense to anyone who has one, but these people look to know what they are doing, so i rather spend the extra cash for detailed instructions and detailed instructions, post pics if you have them of this kit on your foreman, thanks
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We have them on ours & they are great. They are pretty simple to install
& they work great. If you order now, there is no shipping charges. I will
try to post pictures a little later. Gotta get ready for church now.
kdaddy has one, but foreman450rider made a homemade one almost identical to triangles except for the drain....he will soon make it to where the ventlines are routed into the snorkel to where u cant see them
he just made it a little taller than the triangle kit but it would look a little better if it were like 3-4 inches shorter but that is just an extra insurance policy whfen going deep!
Here you go.... These are the pics I sent RR and his came out awesome. I couldnt get the inner fender cut right so I hacked mine, but his is perfect. Mine is hacked due to the poor quality pics in the directions, that is why I sent them to RR so his would be perfect. It does include all vent lines that you will need to run to snork. It has very detailed instuctions, all but good pics. With the snork and the other mods I sent you, youll be able to go as deep as you want, just add an exhaust snork and youll be golden. Youll need scuba gear for yourself. OH Almost forgot.... get some marine grease or silicone and seal the lid of your airbox and where the snork and CC breather enter. I have more pics of it in my sig of all this. its under 450 engine waterproofing.
you did hack that fender pretty good lol
QUOTE ("kdaddy":3g3c5vew)
you did hack that fender pretty good lol
You like that? Im too cheap to buy the $4.00 replacement besides the tire hides it
QUOTE ("kdaddy":ha7dhohv)
you did hack that fender pretty good lol
You should see mine!

But Like the "Lover" said, its hidden pretty well.
dont feel bad, I took mine off about 6 months ago to put my snorkle on and i just put them back on a about week ago.
Mine came out picture perfect. I used a 2 inch circle saw that i put in
my drill. I couldn't have done it as well without it. I will get some close
up pictures of it hopefully this weekend.
Here is the picture. You can see how clean it came out.
I give good directions dont I? Now only if I could have directed myself to do as good of a job as I did you, Id be all set
Hey railroader can you take a shot from the other side of the fender, so i can see exactly what you cut out? Was it just the mud flap you had to cut or was it thefender also, if you have any other pics post them, thanks
I will try to take some tomorrow & post them.
You only need to cut the black inner fender. Look my pics above those are what I sent to RR and his is perfect as you can see. Just follow those pics exactly and yours will be perfect too.
Here are some more pictures i took a little while ago. I hope these help.
I've got one on mine, finally took it deep, worked great, not a drop in the air box.
Stupid question

I have a stupid question.. Are the vent lines just tapped into the PVC and end there or do you run them to the top of the snorkel?
The piping has some brass fittings threaded into it that you hook the vent lines too.
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