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Triangle snorkel???????

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When you buy a Triangle snorkel,does it come with the rear exaust snorkel or do you get another kind?????/
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only the intake snorkle.
build your own if you are gonna order from them
it will cost you about $25 for everything compared to $150 from them
The ease of the install and the metal bracket that mounts to your rack makes the kit worth the money in my opinion.
JRICH is right. The bracket is what makes it worth it. And fairly easy to install.
i work at a weld shop so they are gonna make mine for me.
If you can weld and have a welder the bracket that they sell is very easy to duplicate. I have only welded a few times before I made mine and I think it came out pretty good.
Snorkle bracket....No welding. Just unscrew to remove or replace broken parts.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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