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transporting your gun

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question for the hunters, how do you carry your gun on your atv, i stap mine diagnal across my back but its uncomfortable. and i want a better method, just wondering what others are using
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Koplin gun boot
I've tried everything over the years...on my back, gun boot, gun rack on the front, etc... About 15 years ago I finally settled on a hard case strapped down to the back rack. I have a single when it's just me and a double case for when my son rides with me. The gun is well protected and my 56mm scope fits fine which it will not in a gun boot. I do have a front gun rack for carrying my bow and I also put my rifle in it if I get caught out in a storm. I hate putting a wet rifle in a case or gun boot. It takes too long to dry out. (Our deer season is 3 1/2 months long so I avoid hunting in the rain when possible...just a wuss I guess.)
the gun boot works for me, but my buddy always wears the boot down at the bottom, don't know how but i think his rifle rubs inside and cuts a hole through the bottom, he gave up on the boot, now he shoulders it when riding. i find it uncomfortable,but whatever works for each person.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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