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Disclaimer: & Duke70 is not responsible for any damage caused to you or your bike.

It says 650 but this also applies to the 680 as well

Here is a great troubleshooting guide for all you Rincon 650/680 owners out there.

It deals with some of the most common mechanical/electrical problems found on the
Rincon transmission.
Please remember - when in doubt, have the oil pressure checked.

This information is very valuable to Rincon owners

Just another note on the Rincon transmission. If ever your Rincon suddenly stops moving,
there is a good chance that the oil pump drive chain has come off the sprocket. In this case,
there will be zero movement and zero oil pressure. If this happens, stop the engine immediately
and have the oil pressure tested or you risk serious engine damage.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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