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Have you had transmission problems with your Rubicon?

Transmission Problems

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Pretty simple, how many of you have had transmission problems with your Rubicons that the dealer had to fix (i.e. not something so simple that you can do it yourself in ten minutes lol).

And if you had a serious problem, please tell me what happened, and what mods you have.

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oil pup went out, tranny wasnt gettin enough oil. i didnt have any mods that would of did anything to the pump.
Ive got a 2002 model which I bought in 2004 with 700 miles on it. It now has 1800 miles on it, and so far no tranny problems and as far as I know the tranny was never messed with by the previous owner or any delarships.
tmeasel, just to let you know he is asking about the auto trannys, the foreman and rancher are not auto. im not fight with you just wanted to make sure you knew.
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i have an 06' and my oil pump is on its way out. but i did suck in water on the first motor its rebuilt now. runs strong but when it gets hot it starts to grind...
No they are not
Nope, Rubi's are auto only. Thanks for the attempted help though lol
My 02 did what madmudders did.
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