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Train Horn

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Well i have a train horn on my truck and the compressor went bad so i ordered a new train hron kit but i might put it on my rubicon before it goes on the truck. I am hoping to have it on there for the rabbit run. lmao.
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Does it sound like this? I had my camera at work that day.
Well we shouldn't have any trouble finding you at the Rabbit Run if you get that thing on!!!
lmao nice video yea it is prob louder. i dont know now if ill have it on time.
QUOTE ("Railroader":3gcgb1c7)
Does it sound like this? I had my camera at work that day.
Man I really want your job!!!!!!!!
Railroader, your job rocks!
Now that is awsome. How do you apply for a job like that?

Best job ever!
Basically it' who you know.
where did that video go?
good question? :
did you delete it from the comp u loaded it from?
I don't know what is going on. Every picture & movie that I put on here is gone. This is very strange.
Its all back now!!!
atta boy!
Here is another one. I had much better ones, but when my computer crashed, I think I lost them.
Why do two movies appear?
good question
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

All of the pics are there twice, Look slike some one won't be getting much sleep tonight.
fixed it - i hope, i think my eyes are crossed now
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