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Trade 06 Yellow Plastic for Green?

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I would like to change my Plastic to green anyone want to trade? My plastic is in great conditon, with rub marks from my son ridding on the back.
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I might be interested in trading with you,,,,where do you live? Byram, MS here. My green is in decent shape,,just the average scratches from riding in the woods,,no big gashes or anything..
Topdog, is your Foreman lowered?!?!?!?
My guess is he does a lot of ATV Sled Pulls!
Haha nah, I took the springs off to install HL coils. Looks cool tho
Fuzzy dice, ... Bobbin dog head, ... and some Cheech and Chong music and ....WOW... That thing looks really cool.. hehehehehe
haha....thats awesome
I live in Houston, I am going to Put the Camoclad kit on the green plastic so some scratches are OK if they will sand out.
i'm sure there is a price difference but why don't you buy the 07 plastic that is already camo.....thats what i intend to do.
How much is the Camo plastic?
I have a 2002 foreman with green plastic in nice shape I would like to trade for red or yellow. I am from Minnesota if anyone is interested I could take pictures of it too. Email me [email protected]
They're talkin' bout 500 foremans I believe
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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