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Tractor muffler

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hey guys i'm thinking about the tractor pipe mod. just wondering which one is the best FO-14 or AC-3 or any other. i'm looking for a pipe as loud as a HMF w/ quiet core or a QS1, also what jet do you think i will need about 1000 feet above sea level.
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Will this have a spark resistor on it?
i have the fo-14 and its great. i would say it is a little louder than a hmf w/ a quiet core but not much. also they are real easy to snorkel. if you ride on state owned places you will need a spark aresistor on it because every once and i while mine will shoot small flames.
Mad Mudder where did you get the pipe ive tried to look all over the internet and cant find them even at tractor supply, how hard would it be to put a spark arrestor on or even a part of a screen? would there be any way to get them a little quieter?
Thanks for your help
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