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Tractor Muffler

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Okay I know some of you have heard about doing this. I hear you can get a tractor muffler in stainless steel for around $30-$45 that sounds and performs as good as an HMF.

If this is true why am I going to spend all that $$$ on an HMF when I can get comperable at the local tractor supply.

I hear that they are all just glasspacks anyway. They just don't look as good as the HMF. You still have to do all of the jetting but that is a big difference in price between the two.

A little help would be great on this subject.
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I don't know if it is worth the labor involved. Are you going to bend up a mid-pipe as well. Or just cut the muffler off the end and weld the other one on? Plus you have to fabricate mounting brackets. What are the dimensions? You have to take into account how close the tires will get under full compression.
As you know, I have been known to fabricate things.

I think that in my shop I could make the necessary mounting brackets. The size of the muffler would more than likely be the same as the factory one or smaller. I would just cut it off and weld the new one to the factory midpipe. Do you think it is true about the performance comperable to the HMF. I hear of the AC people doing this all the time. Maybe they know something we don't
I know on my 450, the piping going to the HMF was quite a bit bigger then the factory piping as well, so like Truegrit said, you are gonna have to cut and mandrel bend the piping with 2 45 degreee bends in it. Sometimes easier said then done. But if you got the tools, go for it. I like to fabricate to, but im not taking on that challange, HMF is tried and true.
I don't know about the performance. I know you are capable of making it worrk, I just don't think it would be wrth MY time. If you could try it and it does not work the way you expected then you are out the $$ for the tractor pipe, plus you have ruined the stock one you, (well I gues you could reweld it.)
The hmf pipe doesn't just slip on right were the old pipe comes off?

Does it come with a new mid pipe? These are things that I don't know. I was just going to cut off the factory one and weld the tractor one in it's place.
HMF has a new mid pipe too, and its BIG. But yes, it slips on, it has a reducer at that end.
What do you think about using the stock mid pipe? And no smart answers like you got on HL

Is that where the performance gains are? Or would it help having just a better free flowing muffler?
On the 500 the mid-pipe goes throught frame and ends right next to the head. Straightened out its probably 2 feet. The head pipe is only about 18" in a U-bend. And getting the stock or HMF pipe wrestled through the frame is a pain, that leaves you little room for error, if you bend your own pipe.
Thats a good question but I would venture to guess that most of the performance comes from the muffler it self. But the bigger pipe muse be for a reason. My Suppertrapp I had on my 450 had a new mid pipe as well, but it was the same size as stock, but stainless steel, and that exhaust didnt give the performance the HMF did.
Maybe i'll give it a try. If it doesn't work. Then I'll have an excuse to buy the HMF.

also I looked at some of the other posts about the HMF. The carbs settings. I already have the DJ170 main in it. Don't have the rest of the kit. should I get it before fooling W/ the muffler?
That seems to be the jet to run with an HMF, the 170.
But the needle isn't adjustable stock. Do you think I'll need that adjusted?
That I dont know.
To get optimum performance you may want to get the kit and needle, But I do have a DJ 175, sitting in my desk drawer if you want to try swapping out the jet alone.
Let me see how the 170 works, I'll let you know.
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