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Tow hooks

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Where can i buy and where do i mount a pair of front and rear tow hooks on the Rubicon?
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HL and Cabella's sell ones that just U-bolt to the front bars.

I have this one for the rear from Cabellas...
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 20159&rid=</a>
Think that will work on my Rubicon though?
They are universal. If you can put a trailer ball on it that one will work. I had the same one on my SP500. The good thing about this one is it will not rotate like some of the other styles (lift hitches) do, when you pull at them from an angle.
Sounds good! Im placing my order right now!
hope you didnt place that order...........


if anyone wants one,, let me know.
I like the one you made. I think atv accersories for what the final end user has to pay are much money for what you get.
I made a 3 way hitch my cost was free also.

I wish I had a welder right now i am limited to cutting and drilling the metal dont owner a welder yet.
Jon, I didnt order. I know you got me!
i'll take one too .... while your making them
i'll take one also..
tow hook

i showed a pic like that to my dad and he asked a friend of his to make one....took the guy 10 minutes and a couple squirts of paint
They are not complex to make but the idea works great.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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