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Tourqe Spes

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Ok i just took apart my dads rancher yesterday do to excess smoking guess REDcreek kicked its butt. So i ordered new rings and PIN and gasket set. So i need the tourqe specs for all the head bolts can anyone help?
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I can look in my manual for the Foreman, if you think they'll be the same.
they prob are the same but still would liketo double check
350 Rancher
Top cover
Head Nuts
Motor Mount (8mm) =
wow hold on ok tell me this way

the 4 14mm bold
the 12mm on the cam and also the 10mm on the cam
then the 2 10mm on the cylinder
Thank you.
give me a call and i will look them up for u. I have them in my book.
just curious..was your dad pissed?
That was a great ride that day, probably worth it if he was huh?
no i dont htink he was mad just wants it fixed
Well replaced the rings and pin on the rancher stopped smoking but still getting the nasty noice from the motor so now its time to pull the hole thing apart. Not fun.
yes, he did the wrist pin.
From what I hear the only way to get all the water and mud our of a rancher is to split the case...I have talked to people that say their are spots inside the ranchers engine that no amount of oil changes and flushes can remover the mud...and that you must split the case to get to it...You had quite a bit of water and i know mud down in there travis...That may be a rod knocking that you are hearing now...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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