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torque sensitive diff

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does anyone here know much about it
the reason i ask is because mine dosen't seem to be working correctly to me. When both tires are touching the ground both tires turn when one slips, but when one tire is in the air that tire in the air is the only one turning. I'm not sure if that is the desired effect.

just was wondering thought I'd ask.
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The 2005s use a different style diff than in previous years.

It will send power to the wheel w/ resistance (on the ground) Where in the past torque would go to the tire w/o resistance (tire in the air).
I know it sounds funny but light pressure on the brake acts kind of like a locker. Makes both of my front tires pull even when one is in the air.
A quick grap and release on the front brake will often get the wheel not turning to start turning . Doesn't always work but often does. It will get that so called torgue sensitive thing going. The 05's are much better with the disc brakes abd the 04 and down work only if your brakes aren't wet or properly adjusted.
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