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Top Speed??

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I'm in the market to get a new atv and i was wondering what was the top speed on the Rubicon? Also i know you can swap from auto to esp but what is the diffrence between the D1 and the D2? I'm also wanting the 2005 and up so if anyone has pics i'd like to see them.
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I have an 04' Rubicon and have had it in the low 50's with a little left in it. I've been told they get close to 60 but havent had enough road and nerve to go all out yet. As for the D1 - D2, D1 is your riding setting, called the performance selection it allows the trans to shift later for better performance. D2 is the Torque Mode - or as they say "Use on minimum traction situations". What I find different is the shifting point is different for the auto trans. And of course ESP is for the manual/electronic shifting. Best place to view pix is the honda website 05' - 07' have the same body styles, colors vary by year. Here is the link:

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I have an '05 with over 3500 trouble free miles

With my 26" Bighorns my top end is 58mph

The thing I like best about the transmission it changes
as my riding style does

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A guy I work with has a 2003 Rubicon all stock.He is faster than my Foreman 500.I top out at 53-54 mph and he passes me.I have steel ITP wheels and 25" Dirt Devils. I did get to 56 mph when I had my stock tires and I still couldn't catch him. He weighs 260 lbs.,I weigh 210 lbs.
each bike is different with stock tires my rubi hit about 90KM
with my 27" swamp lites it can reach about 105KM
(120KM down hill very scary)
The Rubicon`s top speed varyes.I have had mine going 97km/h, around 60mph.I have a video of a 01 going 63mph on pavement
my rubicon goes 83km/h i have 27" mud lites
i have a 05 with over 14000km can touch 99km/h
mine went around 57
Rubicon Speed

58 mph is all she had. Thats wound out with the Mudlite tires.
were did u get that bumper for your foreman plz let me know.. i need on badddd.....
I have a 2011 foreman 500 and i hit 85 on it and it is all stock used on the farm and in a field less than an achre i hit 63
mph not kph.......
My old rubicon was low 50's... Mid 50's if giving it heck! My new ride is close to 80 B)
I got about 88 to 92 kmh (55-57mph) out of mine dpending on just how level the road was and which way the wind was blowing. this was when my bike was new and bone stock... ACCORDING TO THE SPEEDOMETER. speed measured by gps on a clear day would be more accurate than hondas speedometer. i suspect that is where most of the variance in all these top speeds comes from.
WOW!! Last reply Jan 07 :lol:
58mph was all I could muster out of mine.
52 mph is all ive ever gotten out of mine anymore and she would be whining
My 2006 CTE with Kenda bear claws stock size 99 KPH
53 mph 01 Rubicon
52 mph 2012 Polaris 550 Touring (bucket of bolts)
78 mph 2012 Polaris 850 Touring (with just under 200 miles on it - I'm sure it would hit 80+ after it was broken in)
62 mph 2012 750i Brute Force ( my favorite so far ;) )
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