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top speed??

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Anyone know top speed for a 01 or o4 foreman in km's if possible .My 01 seems to have alot more power than my 04 with same mods?
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hey , my 03 will do 72kph with 26 inch mudzillas. my buddie says his 02 can get 80 to 85 with stock wheels . hope that helps !
What is that in mph? Ours will do in the mid 50's, although we never go that
fast. Just once to see what they would do.
mine has 27 's and it tops out at 45 but the engine is stock
Mine did over 50 when it was bone stock. You should be able to get it faster
than 45 mph?.
it starts to shake and crap but i got it to 48 this mrning so maybe ittl go faster
I don't think I've had mine over 35 on the trails but I can tell you this. It tops out at 4mph with peanut butter mud above the handlebars.
Who cares about the rest.
Who cares about peanut butter mud??
Long trails and all day rides is where it's at!!
mine stops at about 50 with all the mods below.
shakes like a wet dog though
The foreman in stock form will range from 45-52 mph. No two are alike.

shoot, I got all of yall beat, in a turtle race. Mine will only top out around 30 mph.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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