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top speed

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How fast have you been on your 05 Foreman 500?
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Showed 51mph on speedometer. Did not verify with GPS. Started getting squirly and called it off.
56 with 27x10x10 and 2712x12 mudlites on pavement
I have had my 05 Foreman up to 55mph a few times, that is the fastest I can get it to go.
50mph with 2 ppl and brand new 28inch laws lol and let me say that these tires will drift like **** on pavement corners.
58 mph with stock tires have not tried with 27'' 589.... kinda scared to
when i had my mudlites on I got to 56 a few of time
about 59 best I can remember. But only for a second. and down hill
55 mph with 25 inch dirt devils and my 200 lbs. tucked down as low as I could.
99kmph going down a hard packed gravel road, all stock
55 MPH with 25" MudLites and me(6'2" and 300lbs.) Down a hill, on pavement with a tailwind!!!
Top Speed

I have a 05 completly stock and i have gotten it 57 mph
Top Speed

I have a 05 completly stock and i have gotten it 57 mph
5 mph while water wheeling
Holy Crap!!!! 57mph i'm ready to bail at 45, It's a Utility ATV not a Quad.
59 and she sings on the rev limiter..
stock- 59mph
after mods - 59mph

the speedo stops at 59, it feels like it goes a lil bit faster than 59.
it gets to 59 and then it hits the rev limiter, its been there ALOT.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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