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top end sounds like its knockin'

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bike is running good, just changed the fluids all around, sounds like the sound only happens when i start it up and then when im about midways to the end of each gear,,,most of the riding i do is in 2nd and 3rd gear, but i also hear it in 4th and 5th and occasionally in 1st when im torqueing through stuff...any input is appreciated, im new to all the 4 wheeler stuff, and i hope to learn a great deal from all of you
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is it like a ticking noise.. if so its your valves need adjusted
yea its kinda a ticking noise like u much would a honda shop charge for them to adjust them and how long would that take, or is it something that i could do myself???i am not a tard with mechanical stuff but i dont know it all
bout hour or 2. you can do it your self we do it are selfs. heres a link out of the how to form. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
check to make sure ur oil filter is not in backwards, you said you just changed your fluids so you might have put the filter in backwards.... sounds dumb, but trust me, it happens, I KNOW!! if you do have it in backwards you will receive no oil to ur top end and it makes a ticking/knocking noise.....
nah its not the filter, it was doing it before i changed the fluids...
thats good. you prolly need a valve adj. then.
well i did my valves just now, i got it to where it is suppose to be, but still it ticks, not as much but i notice it, im a stickler for things that rattle i have to figure out what it is and why its doing that....anyways when i got the valves to where they are suppose to be there isnt as much play up and down but there is play side to side, like as if where the rocker arms connect to is loose or something, i know there shouldnt be play side to side but there is and i needa know why its does have play or what to tear apart to figure out why it is guessing take that top cover off where the valves are and it should be in there

anyone shed some light on that it would be appreciated
I ADJUSTED MY VALVES THREE TIMES WITHIN A WEEK, finally adjusted them to a very tight .005 and the thing is very quiet now.
i got the valves adjusted up and down and it got alot quieter from what it was but the rocker arm they are connected to must be loose cuz it can be moved side to side
bump checking something
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