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Tools needed to finish rebuilding my engine

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My 1st gear is out on my 2000 Honda Foreman 450 ES and I have a guy at my work who has gotten the bike down to the clutch so far. I figured out the clutch puller is $100 (unless he is willing to try a couple suggestions I saw on here last night), so I wanted to know what other tools are mandatory to finish the job. My friend repairs/rebuilds aircraft engines, so he has access to about any tool possible and things he can fabricate a tool for most anything, so is there any other major tools necessary? I will buy the tool for him if that is the smart thing to do, but I would rather order all the tools necessary at once so we can get this thing running again. Any help is appreciated.
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You will just need to pull the centrifugal clutch & the flywheel ...
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