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Took the Swamp Lites out for the 1st time!!

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We went to Broad River ATV Sunday after church. If any of yall are down here in Ga, it is a good place to go ride. It was the 1st time I went out with the new Swamp Lites with the ITP SS112 wheels. I stayed in 2wd unless I was going to go into some mud (Cookie Dough) and sometimes I just left it in 2wd good tire well pleased with them!!
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glad you liked them. they look good.
Keep us update on how they perform and tread wear. Iam seriously considering a set of these!
Rode up in the Mtns. today Up and Down not much mud or water. There was a lot of rocks. I am real pleased with them this far.
In fact, there was no water. Just excessive DUST!
I love my swamp lites. Alot of people disagree, but alot of people don't. I think they do great in mud and on trails. I was not impressed with them on steep climbs, but over all, I would say they were very good.
Today the Swamp Lites Kicked butt I am glad that I went with them I kept mine in 2wd most of the time. The only time I kicked it over in 4wd is when I saw the fellow in front of me working the bike real hard.

SWAMP LITE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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