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Took a quick pic of the Foreman today!

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Definatly looks tall!
Looks BAD!! love the yamaha 450 also! how you like it?
sweet ride man
do you just have a 2" lift and lift springs?
Man!! That thing is nice. How rough is it? Are you sure that is just a
2 inch lift? Looks much taller.
thats what i though mine is the highlifter lift and it actually lifted two inch without the 27 but that looks massive
It is the HL lift, but I am running Rubicon rear springs on all 4, with spring spacers.
That looks awesome. Say bye bye to your u-joint though.
nice ride
eurobro, its funny you say that because I thought the same thing about the U-Joint, but me and buddy's all run this same set-up and are very hard on it, and all of us have yet to have a problem. I have been running 28x12.5 laws on all 4 since break in, until now.
Wish I had the luck you have.

Although, your day awaits my friend.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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