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Took a little ride today

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A couple of us decided to use the beautiful weather today to make a little quad ride out to the glaciers. We loaded up the bikes and made our way outta town with all our gear and enough food to feed an army. The first thing we encountered was some seriously icy roads. The highway surface out past town was as slick as anything you could imagine. It was glass smooth and even four wheel drive didn't help much. There was plenty of slipping and sliding on the way with a couple complete spin outs to boot!

Once we unloaded the bikes and got everyone ready we proceeded out the trails. The snow had filled in most of the bumps and padded the rocks/boulders pretty well. Nice smooth riding for the most part with plenty of ice in the corners to be able to drift them like champs.

No sooner did we get in sight of the glaciers when one of our novice riders was letting his toes point outward. He caught a tree twisting his ankle backward breaking the bone in two places! I had to put him on my bike and drive him back to the truck. Couldn't put any pressure on it without immense pain.

On the way home I ended up high centering my bike while crossing a stream and had to get assistance to get it back out. By myself I could have rocked it off, but with my already crippled partner I didn't want to try it. The current darn near toppled us over while we were trying to get out. Glacier water is extremely cold this time of year too!!

The rest of the day was awesome. We explored some new ground and played in a few ice caves. All the riders other than myself are new to the area and this was their first time hitting the glaciers. All of them are ready to go back!

I love living in Alaska!!

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Fantastic Pictures Ring King

Thanks for the post

I figure somebody needs to start posting in here! There hasn't been a new post in here since I joined I don't think!
Thats the way I like that type of terrain...

I spent most of my life in a place far far away
and very very cold

I still have bad dreams

But I have never saw anything like that
Well I'm a southern boy just doing my 3 years up here and then I'm headed back to the south east. I'm enjoying the heck out of my stay here in Alaska. The duck hunting and four wheeling are beyond comparison, but there's just nothing like being home in the south east. I need my sweet tea, sunshine, and bass fishing!!!
looks like you are the lone man out on the name brand machine.
that aint no joke. riding with a bunch of popos... awsome pictures!
I'm in the Coast Guard up here and have about 47 other guys on my boat. Out of them we have 23 bikes. 3 Foremans, 1 Rancher, 2 Arctic Cats, 1 Yamaha, and the rest Polaris. We're by far in the minority category, but the first ones called when somebody breaks down and needs a tow home! I've towed Popos home from as far as 21 miles out in that kinda terrain!

I'm on my fourth Honda. I still own all of them and they all still run. Wouldn't trade em for nothing!!

Here's a few of our Popos in distress. Several of these guys have needed multiple tows home. I'm sure my days coming, but right now I still have bragging rights!!

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