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Do you think this is to deep to go in stock foreman
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Not even close to too deep.
naw first day i had my i was over seat in a river.. hears a pic of me in a mud hole 2 weeks ago. one stripped winch later.. and a tractor rubicon and rhino later im out. plus 3 hours
When it dies thats when you know your too deep!!
Snorkel it and you can visually see when you are too deep
big urn
WOW that is some thick mud!!!

ya it was.. plus there was water with it so it had alot of suckion..
o well im orderin the winch parts today. and im goin to sale it next week.. maybe...
i would have to say that anything over the gas tank is too deep. stock.

i have crossed a canal and it was completly over the pod and handlebars...only thing sticking up was about 4 inches of snorkel!!!

green submarine baby!!!!
and u know see why crash is always haven trouble lol...
i am having trouble b/c i have to tow dubasses out of the woods...

all my vents are ran up to the snorkel...

no water problems...
ok crash.. sorry bout that...
too deep is when you go get someone to pull you out and then come back and say..........i thought i left a fourwheeler in that pond somewhere
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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