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toll on how many people have 29.5s

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if u have 29.5s lets see em pics!
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look in sig. there on the rhino im puttin em on the recon when i get it fixed and taken some pics of it
UH OH.... I hope there isn't a TOLL on 29.5's!!
But if it is a POLL...then, no I don't have them!
Just giving you a hard time Darren!!!!
Fresh off the jack stand.

Here you go:

A few more pics in the PICS and Videos section:

And I guess I should put my mods on here.

2006 Foreman ES
Big Gun EVOX utility exhaust
Dynojet 170 jet
UNI filter
Triangle ATV Snorkle
29.5 Outlaws on Highlifter XLs
Highlifter lift kit

Future mods:
Probably new axels after this weekend
Custom floorboard braces.
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Hey Robb, did you cut the front mud flaps off where they hang below the floorboord?
Do the tires hit the fender? It looks real close...
Yeah he cut those flaps off, they are a pain I did mine too. I don't think he had too much of a problem with rubbing, he bent his fender bracket and used a heat gun to shape the rear fenders. One thing about no having a lift on the rear is the rear tire is further away from the fender.

here is mine still in the shop!!! going on 3 months
yeah like bnjeep said, I cut the bottoms of the fender. The tires dont rub the fenders any where, heat gun fixed it all up.
So how wide are your 29.5s in the front and rear? Im just wonderin, my 28s pull me around just fine!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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