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To Snorkel or Not to Snorkel?

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I was wondering if I should snorkel my 4wheeler. I will be going on a lot of mud runs, but I will not be floating my 4wheeler across any ponds or anything like that. Mud pits and trails are about all this bike will see.
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well if were u ride were there is deep water i would get it, like if there is mud holes on the trails that u have to go around i would get it, if were u ride is real dusty and there only like 1 or 2 holes that are deep enough to need a snorkel i woulnt even bother geting one it would jus clog ur air filter after a few rides
If your not planning on playing deep, I wouldn't worry about it.
Alright... it may just be me worrying a lot. I drown it once and it cost me 1100 for the rebuild. I think I'm going to go ahead and do it. There were a couple of mud holes today that got pretty high on my fourwheeler, especially when having to tilt it to the left side to get it through. I was told that they were pretty dried out so that means they are usually deeper. I have already sealed my pullstart up.

Another question, today I was riding through some muddy water and when I hit a deep rut it leaned the fourwheeler way over to the left side and I could hear the factory snorkel gurgling or something. The fourwheeler never died and it didn't give me any problems. I was just wondering if I could get water in the motor that way even without it dying.
I didn't know you sank it. Sounds like your playing deeping than you stated above. If you have to question yourself on what is to deep, then go ahead and snorkel it to be on the safe side. But once you do it, you will start to get alittle braver in the deeper holes.
Yeah, I it was my dads when i sank it a couple of years ago, (its an 04 model), and recently he gave it to me and I got it rebuilt. There are only a couple of little "legal" places to ride in this area and I've only been to that one, once. Guess I'll do it to be on the safe side.
yeah do it , because they stall out if the exhaust hits water and steam get into your air box through the stock intake opening. do it
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