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to lift or not to lift?

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Now have the clutch and jet kit installed,waiting for fed-ex for my 27 XTR's on 14" Outbacks. I have the lift kit and was wondering should I even install it? I ride in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta so I don"t see much mud. Would the lift make the bike unstable climbing hills and what about the rear u-joint? I will say the clutch and jet kits want to make me look for some mud. thnks.

'05 500foreman
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If you are going to install the Highlifter lift... Read the Rincon section under Highlifter lift damage and the pics I posted. Think before you lift. Some are fine, and some will cause you alot of money !!!!!!!!!!!!!
unless u plan to have to replace broken parts every now and then, lifts do look nice but depends if you want to continually spend money
I think lifts aren't necessary.You can fit some 27's without a lift,maybe have to trim the fenders if it rubs,but it's only plastic.Lifts create severe angles on cv shafts and can be expensive to fix.
i woudnt lift it there is no point other then for looks..............i fit 28's under my bike no rubbing at all...........the lift will make the bike alittle more top heavy then normal not much but you will notice it
It was the kit off e-bay but now I think I will ponder it. I have not heard much about that perflex but what I did wasn't bad

i have 2 foremans and both had rear lifts and front lifts on them intill i broke both u-joints and i took the rear lifts off both of them on one i have 27'" outlaws and on the other i have 29.5s and i dont rub on either.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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