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To lift or not to lift?

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I'm thinking about going 26's with a lift. Do they make a 1 inch lift? I have seen where some of you are only lifting the front, is this with a 2 inch lift or higher? I want more ground clearance but don't think I want to go bigger than 26's. Any input would be nice!
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You are only going to gain ground clearance at the rear diff w/ larger tires. I had a lift on mine for a while w/ my 26" tires, but IMO it lookes a little goofy. Plus the added stress on the rear U-joint, helped me to decide to remove it.
How much do 27's bog down the motor?
A lot if your in thick mud. But its all relative. If you get 27 mudlights and mostly trail ride you will hardly notice. but if you get 27 Outlaws or Mudzillas and plan on staying in the mud, you will realy notice it. UNless you have some powerr adders.
Ok so if I go with 27 mudlite xl's with a hmf pipe, jet kit, k&n filter and after market clutch I'd be in business?

and with outlaws, 589's, mudzillas etc?
If you put a pipe/filter/jet kit in you can pretty much put any 27 in tire on you want. The clutch kit is not 100% neccessary. If you go w/ Mudlights get the one's w/ the deeper lugs XT's I beleive. Plus the Biclaw/Triclaw combo is one of the best 27" tires to run, great in the mud and pretty smooth on the trails.

(And I would put 589s in the same class as Mudlights, Gators, Mudbugs etc..)

I run 26 Outlaws on the back and 26 Mudzillas on the front w/ your those mods, no lift, and rarely have a lack of power, but it does happen.
Sweet now I have to go sell a kidney to pay for all that stuff!
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":3cpgr1i2)
Sweet now I have to go sell a kidney to pay for all that stuff!
Ain't it funny the things we do when we want somethin'.
It's a kidney or my 1979 f-250 4x4. I think the kidney would be easer to let go!
just a option, if you wouldnt want to lift it two inches you could just get lift springs, they only lift about one inch. then if you wanted to stay with 26" tires you could because the one inch would not make it look as bad as a 2" with 26" tires.
Thanks Mad I will look into it! Are they on Highlifter or where?
yes they are on highlifter i tryed to get the link for you but i am on a older computor and highlifter will not work.
Their site pisses me off I can't find anything on there anymore. Why can't they have a list of their products? Why a search engine?
I agree. The way they had it before their new one was much better & easier
to use. Sometimes simpler is better. I don't even go on there anymore due
it bein' so hard to find things, but that's just me. Others may like it better.
i agree

i agree go with the lift springs only.
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