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Instead of starting a new topic I'm just going to modify bryank333's question a bit. I've searched around but not really found what I'm looking for. I know that some have fitted 29.5 laws on their bike without a lift but for the type of riding I'm going to be doing (crawling in deep woods, occasional mud, alot of trails) I'm thinking that the 589's will serve my purpose better. Has anyone gone a step above the 27's and put 28's on their bike with no rubbing issues in moderate to extreme articulation? I'm looking for as much GC as I can get with these tires WITHOUT a lift due to the stress I'll be putting on the shafts and axles already.

I'm pretty impressed with the stock set-up thus far, but I spend alot of time sliding on the undercarriage. I'm thinking 28's with 10/12 up front and 12/12 in back. I don't mind a little bit of plastic trimming, but I'd rather put a 1-1.5" lift if it will help any. The bike is an 06' 500 S bone stock exc. for skid plates, although I'll probably go with some aftermarket wheels with the new tires.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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