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To jet or not to jet... that is the ques.

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Just bought and installed a HMF pipe on my Foreman, when i was sold the pipe, i asked about jetting. The salesman told me sometimes, and in some cases u do not. Then i asked how would i know if you need to? He said your bike will act like it is starving for gas and high rpms. Well its on and i have ran the [email protected] out of it, no backfiring loss of power or anything of that you think im safe, or am i hurting my bike? just wanted some second opions, thanks chris
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Check the spark plug for the correct colour
Dumb question why don't you jet it? More power is always good.
Well i just dont want to start messing with jets and carb adjustments if i dont have to, especially on my atv, now my chevelle is a different story..
Come on you know you want to do it
You know, that is a good question. I was a firm believer in rejetting a machine; it seemed that DJ was right on and the machine always ran better. Until my 05 Ruby, I could never get the slight miss out of 1/8 I rejetted my 06 500ES. It starts better but I don't think top end is right. Seems like it takes to long to get revved out. I've rejetted all but one of my machines: Kodiak, Rincon, V-Twin (did not), 500i, 400i, Ruby and now my 500ES, I liked the outcome of all except the Ruby and 500ES. Maybe the new Honda's run better with the stock jet?
UPDATE: Raised one notch on clip and now everything seems to be right on the money!!! Better starting and better throttle response.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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