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its about time for me to getsome new tires i want some aggresive tread that won't kill all my bikes power. any suggestions

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ITP 589 tire does a pretty good job and the ride is still smooth.Anything more agressive and you will inherit a rough ride at low speeds.The more agressive tire is especially hard on the front wheel bearings too ......... Good luck !!!!!!

i run 26x10x12 front and 26x12x12 rear no power loss a little rub once in awhile so far i'm very happy with them. I got them on douglas rattlesnake rims shipped to my door for 458.00 from marions atv
thank i was looking at the mud lit xtr our the executioners what do you think about these tires i like to do alot of muudin and want a good dvantage over my buddy and want to sling some mud at the same time
I run 27.12.12 and 27.10.12 mudbug at little power lost but love tire great in mud and snow alot better then my freinds who have bearclaws
I got 27"Mudlites all around, not much in power loss, and not too rough on the trail.
I have 26" mudlites and lost no power and they are great in the mud.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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