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any one using kenda executioner vs outlaws
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i would go with outlaws
well i really like the kendas but the outlaws are more pure mudder because of side wall grip but they may be heavyer than the kendas write now im try to get myself a set of 27's kendas and there cheaper
it just depends on what all you ride, if you ride all mud get the outlaws but if you ride on everything get the executioners. i had the 27s and they were awsome tires, they were the best tires i have had. they didnt even compair to the 589's or gators i used to have. i have some pics in my sig what they looked like on my rubicon.
The ex's are just about the same weight as laws. about 2 pounds difference.
I don't have experience with Outlaws but I have 26x10 inch Executioners and they're excellent tires.They wear like iron,just a litle rough riding at slow speeds,and they pull through the mud like nothing I've ever seen.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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