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Tires ???????

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Trying to deside between 28'' OUTLAWS or MUDZILLAS....... Any advice would be appreciated...
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depends what u ride on most of the time...outlaws look good and everyone is all hyped up about them but alot of ppl that do trail riding have them also...i think they were made strictly for mud bogging but ppl still use them for trail riding...i think it is more of what you want out of a tire...most ppl are going to say outlaw out performs the zilla 8 out of 10 times probably id personally go with the zilla over an outlaw only becuz i do mainly trail riding not mud bogs....but if the weight is a problem to you then outlaws by far becuz they are like 6lbs per tire lighter
if your playin in the mud both tires will get the job done!! my girl friend has 28 zilla's on her quad and she can follow me pretty much any where i go i'm sittin on 29.5 lawz. i ran the zillas before i got the laws and there a far better trail tire, espeacally at higher rates of speed where the outlaws shake and get squirlly in the rear end.

I got 27x9 front and 27x12x12 on back and let me tell ya on gravel roads it feels like the front is on ice sliding all over the place. dont know bout outlaws but if they ride worse, then i would def not get them. I hate my zillas except for in the mud.
new tires.....

Got 28x12x12, Mudzillas today dam there mean looking cant wait to get them in the MUD....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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