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OK, thinking about getting new tires. I have Swamplites, 27"x10" on the back and 27"x9" on the front. I was thinking about going up to maybe 28".
Couple of questions.

1: What is the best tire, for the best price? Outlaws and what else?
2. If I go up to 28", will I have to modify my bike, such as fenders?
3. What are spacers exactly for?
4. Will a 450ES turn 28" tires ok.
5. Should I go with 28"x12" on the back or stay with 10"?

Thanks for the help!
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I would go with a 27in Law before a 28. Simply because the 28s are 12.5 wide and the 27s are 12 wide. I believe you get a flatter tire with . Spacers bolt between the rear of the wheel and the wheel hub to give your bike a wider stance.
what's a 1/2" ? the size of your pinky nail?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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