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i have a foreman 450s, i need some new tires,i am looking at going to 26 inch, front would be 26x9x12
rear would be 26x10x12 or 26x12x12, i narrowed it down to mudlites or bear claws. which would be better, i drive mostly trail and drive in some snow not much mud.would 26 inch be to big and rub ,what do you think and which tire would be better and would last longer
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i say go with the mudlites
would i need a lift kit for the 26 inch tires
no you wouldnt need a kit 26s will fit stock.
Go with the Mudlites between those 2. 26's will not even come close to
rubbin' or needin' a lift.
for being in the snow go with the bear claws.they are an awesome all around trail tire and they wear very well.the mudlites i don't think wear all that well for trail use (rocks,hardpack).i got a set of swamp foxes for a real good deal and they really work great for trail use.also look at the dirt devil xt they are one awesome trail tire and will work a lot better than the mudlites to at 2/3 of the price.
would 26x12x12 be to big for the rear on stock rims ,should i stay with the 26x10x12
12s will fit fine on stock rims.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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