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I don't ride mud all the time but I do enjoy it. I do alot of trail/rock/mud/forest riding and before I bought my tires I tried to do some research on tires. Considering I have a 450 I wanted to keep the weight of the tires down while maximizing lift and traction. I went with 27" mud bugs. They were quite a few pounds lighter than any of the others I looked at and they have just as deep of a lug as the mud lights, or just about any other 27" tire I looked into. I did loose noticable power none the less but not nearly as much had I gone with a larger/heavier tire. Thus far Ive been very happy with them and I am able to go everywhere my friend does with his 28" mud lites. They may not pull through the mud like some of the Bi/Tri claws or whatever else but the fact that I kept some power while drastically increasing where I could go was worth the decision. I have attempted to make up for the power loss through a K&N, DJ kit and a HMF pipe which is on the way. Thus far I have been very pleased.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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