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if you like to ride in the mud alot, than the outlaws would be the best choice by a mile. however the new 30 inch mudlite would also be a good choice for the mud. it would probably not pull as good as the outlaw but it would not tear up your bike as much; if you dont ride in the mud all of the time and want a good all around tire I would suggest 27 or 28 mudlites or 589's (itp of course)
if you want something a little cheaper for soft-core mud riding the sumper swamper tsl from INTERCO IS A GOOD CHOICE.
go to and go to atv tires on the home page and you will find a large selection of tires. they may not have the best prices, but it is a good place to find the tire you want ,........
SHOP AROUND FOR THE BEST PRICES if Ifind a cheap site I'll let you know
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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